Awards & Accolades

"Thanks to a dynamic team in tandem with various long-term business partners we can look back at numerous successes in various fields."

- Kobus Deetlefs

  • Vineyard Awards
  • Wine Awards
  • Business Awards


Vineyard Awards

1966 – The farm won the trophy for “The Best Specialized Farming Practices”.

2012 –  Pinotage vineyard block – winner of the Winetech / Vinpro vineyard block competition

2015 – Chenin Blanc vineyard block – winner of the Vinpro vineyard block competition


Wine Awards

1976 – For the first time ever in the South African industry, a fortified Hanepoot wine won the Champion Young Wine Competition and Philip Deetlefs was nominated Winemaker of the Year

1979 – The Hanepoot received Superieur seal (only 4% of all wines)

2006  – Deetlefs was awarded the CEO Trophy for the top Winery in South Arica for 2006 / 2007 by the South African Airways

2007 – Deetlefs is the sole wine supplier on all business class and international flights for Nationwide Airlines

2011 – Deetlefs sole wine supplier on the launch flight of the Lufthansa A380 “Johannesburg” in South Africa

2015 – Breedekloof/Worcester Winemaker of the year

2016 – Deetlefs Chenin Blanc 2015 receives the “Best South African wine of the Year” at the China Wine & Spirits awards

2017 – Deetlefs was awarded the Sémillon category winner at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show for our Deetlefs Familie Sémillon 2014


Business Awards

2002 – Old Mutual Business of the Year

2002 – Portnet Exporter of the Year

2010 – Fairtrade accreditation (only registered Wine Estate in South Africa with accreditation)

Top Wine Laboratory in South Africa (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015)

Significant growth in existing markets