A maiden voyage from Europe on 3 October 1752 was the start of a legacy and set in motion the story of the 2nd oldest wine estate in South Africa owned by the same family.  Each of the seven generations contributed in their own unique way since 1822.

“A golden thread runs through our history, reflecting a boldly individual approach, a strong set of values and a long-term focus. Since 1994 there was more focus on the international markets and today more than 80% of our wines are exported. Currently it is my responsibility to create more opportunities for generations to come and to tell the story.”
– Kobus Deetlefs

1974 Philippus Petrus Deetlefs Muscat d’ Alexandrie

A good natured rivalry resulted in one of the most rare and unique wines in the world.

The 1974 Muscat is unique to any other product in terms of the story, the quality and the price. This Muscat is as more than a wine; a unique product that is one of a kind in the world of luxury goods. It is all about an exceptional personalized experience for the discerned individual.

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