The Estate

In John Steinbeck’s classic novel “East of Eden” he writes about the link between land and people. Just as farmers cultivate the soil, so the earth nourishes the farmers. Deetlefs Wine Estate is situated in South Africa, at the foot of the Du Toitskloof mountains in the Breedekloof valley. As the farm and vineyards bear the indelible mark of 7 generations, the family has been shaped by the land.

Exciting, authentic, adventurous and different.

The Breedekloof’s surrounding majestic mountains, unsurpassed location, climate, rivers and varied geology all add to a unique winemaking experience.

This valley of slow-ripening vines has one of the purist water sources in South Africa, cold winters and low humidity which minimizes the use of chemicals, a late bud burst, and a long ripening period. All these factors contribute to great flavor development in grapes and award winning wines.

From small boutique wineries to family-owned Estates and large cellars.

The Breedekloof is also a natural playground offering healthy outdoor fun for mountain bikers, runners, 4×4 enthusiasts, birders and fly-fishermen.