Virtual Tastings

The landscape of conducting a wine tasting with our clients are changing with Covid-19, and exciting times are ahead.  Experience our fun and informative online wine tastings in the comfort of your own home. Looking forward sharing a #DeetlefsMoment or three with you!

Cost per household: 6 Wines @ R630, which is 30% off our cellar-door price, delivered to your door free of charge.

Amount of family / friends that can join: As many as you like! Each household will receive their tasting stock, delivered to their door, for the virtual tasting to enjoy together.

What we will send to each house:
– Zoom login details for the group.
– 6 bottles of wine selected by us.

What you will need:
– 3 glasses & 1 champagne flute glass per person
– Wifi and the Zoom app (can be on your computer or phone)
– A passion for wine and an open mind!


Rothea van Biljon, Managing Director Jenwil BlueStar

“Dear Kobus,
As always, a wonderful privilege to work with you. Thank you for a very powerful, but human message. I admire your positive way of looking at the world and at business and always see problems as opportunities. Your message will definitely be of value to the people and I will also apply it to my daily look at my business.”

Newton Cross, Director, SABA International Butler Training

“Bea Liebenberg, Brand Manager at Deetlefs Wine Estate, recently appeared as an expert guest speaker on the SABA International Butler Academy’s Virtual Butler school platform. She passionately shared her incredible knowledge in regards to Deetlefs family wines. The information that our students received was accurate and precise and in line with their syllabus. Mrs. Liebenberg received an overwhelmingly positive response due to her wonderfully honest and genuine interaction with everyone. She is an excellent communicator and it is not often that a speaker on this platform presents with so much knowledge and passion.”

Donovan & Mishka Loesch

“Nou dit was lekker!” - Donovan

“This is definitely proof of how fantastic and innovative South Africans are! What an experience to do a virtual wine tasting, with Deetlefs and Kobus. Very educational, so much fun and SO affordable! One of the date nights we will never forget!” - Mishka