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Double Gold at the CWSA 2018

CWSA (China Wine and Spirits Association) is the most influential wine and spirits competition in the world, helping to sell a staggering 90 million bottles per year. Long renowned internationally as the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China, CWSA Judges are the most powerful buyers in China.

In their latest results, Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc 2017 was awarded an amazing DOUBLE GOLD and The Voyage 3566.1 2917 GOLD.

“China’s thirst for foreign wine and spirits continues to grow and we expect China to be the largest market for wines and spirits within 2 years,” a CWSA spokesman said. “To help international producers take advantage of this huge opportunity, CWSA brought together the 100 most influential wine and spirits buyers to Judge CWSA 2018.”

CWSA 2018 rated a staggering 6,000 samples from 58 countries around the world. 

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