Breedekloof Soetes & Soup Festival 2017 – For the love of #DeetlefsWine

Breedekloof Soetes & Soup Festival 2017 – For the love of #DeetlefsWine

Winter is the time for dessert wines and hearty home made soup. Snuggle up and visit Deetlefs Wine Estate on 21 – 22 July 2017 to celebrate winter with us at the annual Breedekloof Soetes & Soup 2017 festival.

The annual affair calls on visitors to go from estate to estate to tuck into a feast of winter-themed foods while enjoying the (fermented) fruits of the picturesque valley. And the best part? Deetlefs Wine Estate is a mere hour’s drive from Cape Town and makes for a great weekend getaway.

What to expect from the day:

  1. Tasting amazing Deetlefs wines
  2. Private wine tastings with Ferdi Visser (our award winning winemaker)
  3. Special discount on wines
  4. Deetlefs Hanepoot Jelly Shooters
  5. Soup, soup and more soup
  6. Live entertainment on 22 July: The beautiful voices of BlackByrd will fill the air while you will be sharing #DeetlefsMoments with family and friends!

Participating cellars in the 2017 Breedekloof Soetes & Soup Wine Festival:

  • Deetlefs Wine Estate
  • Badsberg Cellar
  • Bergsig Estate
  • Botha Cellar
  • Die Eike Restaurant
  • Du Toitskloof Cellar
  • Goudini Wines
  • Jason’s Hill
  • Kirabo Private Cellar
  • Lateganskop Cellar
  • Merida Winery
  • Opstal Estate
  • Slanghoek Cellar
  • Slanghoek Art Gallery and Slanghoek Mountain Resort
  • uniWines Vineyard




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6 comments on “Breedekloof Soetes & Soup Festival 2017 – For the love of #DeetlefsWine

  1. Deetlefs Wine Estate

    Hi Emile,

    That is awesome. Looking forward to Soetes & Soup 2017!

    The Deetlefs Team

  2. This is my first time – SO EXCITED!
    Tickets bought, accommodation booked… now eagerly waiting

  3. Deetlefs Wine Estate

    Dear Marian,

    Apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately we don’t have any camping sites at Deetlefs. You are welcome to visit the Breedekloof Wine Valley website for suggestions in the area.

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