Stonecross Merlot Pinotage

Enjoy the perfect relationship between two great grape varieties.

Enjoy with: Cottage Pie, Chicken in red wine,  Vegetarian pasta.


Tasting Notes


Stonecross Pinotage

Round, juicy & entertaining.

Enjoy with: Beef lasagna, roast turkey and pork or venison stew.


Tasting Notes


Stonecross Pinotage Rosé

Light pink colour. Aromas of strawberries, raspberries,
cherries and summer fruit contribute to an intensely aromatic nose.

Enjoy with: Smoked salmon, Trout and Snoek. Parma ham and ripe figs.
Crayfish, seafood Paella and Bouillabaisse soup.


Tasting Notes


Stonecross Weisser Riesling

Rich golden hue colour. Bouquet of floral peach and apricot blossoms,
followed by succulent ripe nectarine and white peach.

Enjoy with: Thai Green Curry, Sushi, stir fry dishes, Bobotie,
roast duck with roast vegetables and avocado salad.


Tasting Notes

Stonecross Chenin Blanc

Very light lemon colour, with yellow hue. Wine has aromas of Apricots,
Golden Delicious apples and fresh lime juice on the nose and palate.

Enjoy with: Chicken breast with mango, smoked pork and Greek salad.


Tasting Notes